About Us

EQUIPMENT ENTERPRISES, INC. was founded in 1982. The goal of company was then as it is now. To be the best water treatment system supplier in the beverage industry.

Quality, service and flexibility are the keys to successfully serving an industry that requires very close and personal attention to meet its daily and changing needs. EQUIPMENT ENTERPRISES is dedicated to providing this quality, service and flexibility.

From the very beginning, the business philosophy of EQUIPMENT ENTERPRISES has been simple: design and build the very best water treatment systems available then install and service them. EQUIPMENT ENTERPRISES utilizes only high quality parts and materials-such as stainless steel piping and purifiers-and the very best talent and expertise to provide you with food/beverage quality water.

EQUIPMENT ENTERPRISES is now a Division of WARD VESSEL & EXCHANGER and today is stronger than ever while continuing the philosophy and dedication to the customers’ needs upon which the company was founded. The number of turnkey installations has grown every year; as has the servicing and the parts and supplies business. Another sure sign that EQUIPMENT ENTERPRISES has become a preferred food and beverage industry supplier is the number of service calls we make on competitive equipment. EQUIPMENT ENTERPRISES will always be available for your service needs, large or small.

EQUIPMENT ENTERPRISES and WARD VESSEL & EXCHANGER are totally committed to every single project we undertake, regardless of the size of the job or the size of the customer.